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Sheree Jones has thought of herself as an artist ever since she was a little girl.  With her parent's encouragement she took many weekend classes in painting and drawing. She remembers especially, her "Painting in the Park" lessons. When she entered her first year of high school, she quickly realized that the school had no art program.  By the end of that year, discouraged, she threatened to quit school altogether.  Her ever supportive parents arranged for her to attend a two year visual arts program in another high school. This was where she knew that there was no turning back from her creative path.

Upon graduation she decided not to continue with formal art school but rather to taste life with travel, and to choose her own teachers along the way.  She travelled to Berkeley, California to study calligraphy and print design with David Lance Goines.  From there she went to South East Asia and India to explore textile design, inspired by the beauty of the land. Here she spent nearly two years immersed in the arts culture.

Eventually life swept her up and landed her on Bowen Island, a small island off the coast of Vancouver, BC, Canada. Her beloved waterfront retreat gave her valuable time to explore painting and drawing for over 10 years. In 2000, she returned home to North Vancouver, BC where she became an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA). In January of 2009  she entered the mentoring program at the Holland/Croft studios, studying in oils with Dene Croft and Kiff Holland for four years.

Sheree opened her own teaching / working studio in North Vancouver in 2012.
She leads workshops in her personal studio & on outdoor "plein air" painting adventures throughout BC and also internationally.
A respected teacher & mentor, Sheree’s enthusiastic energy brings inspiration to all who come to work with her.

Her plein air painting adventures include Spain, Costa Rica, California, the Grand Tetons, and many favourite Gulf Islands, as well as her beloved North Shore. She continues to enjoy the challenges of painting outdoors.


Portrait by Kristine Cofski kristinecofskiphotography.com

Studio F - 161 Pemberton Avenue, North Vancouver, BC V7P 2R4